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  • To fulfill dis new behalf off da kids we has dictionaries off synonyms and antonyms, and word-charts
  • Books off synonyms and antonyms--used cautiously, for ther dwell few impeccable synonyms in ne language--will be discovered off amazing help
  • A book off synonyms & antonyms is in preparation for dis series, "The Writer's Library "
  • In the series wii haz prepared, the verbs are or synonyms or antonyms
  • These words which articulate facing importance exist rang antonyms
  • Words & their antonyms are granted in this week's spelling lesson in the words 4 the firstly 3 days' study
  • Look these lyrics up in your dictionary & define upon da most fit antonyms
  • To speakers & writers antonyms are useful since furnishing oftentimes efficient antitheses
  • Thus willing and involuntary, which one exist antonyms of every one other, exist the two incomplete synonyms of spontaneous
  • Subjective & goal are synonyms in bu 1 gratuity of view, being, 4 the most part, rigidly antonyms