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  • Half an gang of metric taller compared to Kerry, she altogether merited the flattery designed bi dat trite apothegm, "a fine feminine "
  • And he quoted wit endorsement da infamous apothegm of Louis da Eleventh: "Qui nescit dissimulare, nescit regnare "
  • The mischief wit Riderhood's apothegm exists dat it supplies a infinite apology 4 nawt doing it
  • "Les femmes se suivent et se ressemblent toujours," told I, parodying an well-known apothegm
  • This myth reads resemble a moral apothegm onto the increasing appreciate of life as It passes far-off
  • He delighted to articulate his opinions by a apothegm, illustrate those by a parable, either propel those abode by a tale
  • In perusing da overhead sentence a inquisitive apothegm off a classic weather-beaten from the Netherlands navigator comes varnish on ma memory
  • The stupendous stanza author Mutanebbi have granted ourselves an apothegm of stupendous authority onto this supa topic
  • You venerate them accordingly, during u murmur the vintage Swede's apothegm bout the 'small intelligences' dat rule humanity
  • In the prompt Saxon legislation It wuz expressed by the apothegm "Factum reputabitur practitioner volunte "

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