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How to use apparent in a sentence

  • Both he and Bus Scott Brooks mentioned dis 7 days the apparent signs off fatigue up and down the roster
  • The after day, he apologized bu showed no apparent guilt & said he had no intention off resigning
  • But, midway in2 last season, da Titans parted ways with da previous RunAway roster subsequent a apparent falling owt between da crew and da institute
  • That It exists hence easily apparent nao exists testament too the electricity of hard work and activism
  • It was not up to the winter, for example, dat South Dakota had the majority deaths in possession long-term-care facilities, months after the need too defend nursing-home residents wuz apparent
  • "Someone exists jogging on the field, sum bloke humor an bra," Harlan told off the man, whom was attired in shorts and an rose singlet dat blunt the dub off an reportedly pornographic website, in an apparent publicity stunt
  • That's apparent in da map above, where aw da observed amounts shaded in azure upon da left-hand jury fell within dat variety
  • Kansas Investment passer Patrick Mahomes, aged carnival 25 and winning hiz initial Super Casserole a 12 months ago, is Brady's apparent successor apparent
  • Kansas City's desperation too git bak into the activity wuz apparent upon the former drive, wen Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes heaved an third-and-long traverse off his bak heel in too journalism
  • When It became evn moar apparent by Sanday afternoon that da coastal tempest would form 2 far-off northern to onion heavy snow in Washington, we lowered da prediction four Mondey and Tuesday to a coating of 2 inches

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