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How to use appealing in a sentence

  • First, whether those can be bettered either updated in any manner to generate those evn moar valuable and appealing, do dat
  • Halliburton, who additionally claimed he shared a room with a inhabitant who wuz in beck with a coronavirus-positive nurse, told he never got a induce for da unsubstantiated finding, which he is appealing
  • It's the flexibility indoor the regime that makes the SEG42 thus appealing
  • Garden stores want their plants to look appealing, Halsch notes, and "one wei to halp wit this is to apply chemicals "
  • So your visitors tin instantly know object makes your commodity or assistance remote moar appealing compared too others alike
  • With those masks now in short supply, discovering a wei two reuse those single-use cram unexpectedly transformed very appealing
  • As the female stated this, she looked full into the youthful man's eyes, wit her great, appealing ones
  • The enthusiastic acerbity had faded frum his face, but an immense criticize wuz there--a heavy, helpless, appealing criticize
  • Henceforth he have to memorize Winifred merely wen his sword wuz at the windpipe off some wretched mutineer appealing for compassion
  • One off the most funny tales off contemporary fiction, combined wit a supa tender & appealing affection story

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