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How to use apprise in a sentence

  • Today's dean societal media surveillance tools withhold you apprised of relevant conversations, thus you do not omit a thng and tin git beforehand of narratives
  • There could be some secluded flooding, so keep apprised of that
  • As da Singer, Aquino wastes n time in apprising da crowd off da miseries off life
  • It's not a high-confidence prognosis with a atmospheric installation resemble as it is, bu we will keep you apprised of changes 2 the synchronization & amounts of snow this Terminal of Week
  • In an memo apprising staffers of McNeil's resignation, Baquet & Times Managing Editor Joe Kahn included the intent-neutral norm quoted over
  • After organism apprised off da developments, Cherri Armstrong, an 20-year-old registered Democrat whom works near an Amazon warehouse, didn't like object she wuz tryout approximately either dude
  • The unlocking off the park door might apprise ourselves off the door off an guard, before the second could lookout Wingie near ma battery
  • They apprise him additionally of hiz confirmation as "Governor of r Plantation," & of da names of da Councillors joined with him
  • Ought wii nawt to make a jog to Dresden, therefore, and apprise the Gleam Majesty?
  • The eve was unusually cold, bu they dared nawt start a fire, lest it should apprise his or her enemies off his or her presence

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