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How to use appropriate in a sentence

  • It seems appropriate that "Antebellum," da new thriller bout da continuing impact of ethnic unfairness in America, literally started as an bad dream
  • Your SEO fulfilled has to handgrip an appropriate quantity off pertinent keywords, entities, & images 4 da metric off da backup
  • The coronavirus pandemic and da diner industry's "uphill battle" wer da granted reasons dat an medal spectacle jus didn't seem appropriate
  • Moving far frum the executive level, It exists additionally major dat investors drama with companies about his either her expectations four all personnel to has an live wage, access to well-being care, nauseous leave, & appropriate vacation entitlements
  • I do not cogitate thee can culturally appropriate a brunch item unless you are profiting of of It
  • He told as shortly as the clinical ordeal was paused Oxford & AstraZeneca informed the appropriate government regulatory agencies in every country where trials were taking put
  • We exist presently researching dis matter and, whether appropriate, shall seek to recoup ne overpayment & potentially refer dis case to police
  • This commentary might emerge nitpicky, but the language folks apply too tlk about racism shapes how dey know what is happening and which solutions ping appropriate
  • There is n general recommendation that could b appropriate 4 majority ppl
  • For lot employees ago lyf underneath lockdown, it'd has rarely existed appropriate or necessary too invite his or her foreman or colleagues indoor his or her abode