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How to use approving in a sentence

  • Watch sat down severely at it, & given an approving snuffle at intervals
  • "The craft club, this morning," replied Mrs. Ford, hur eyes approving da righteous prettiness of hur female youngster
  • "You ought be pleased," lay in Aunt Maria, staring at da serious saying of da boyish gentleman humor n approving saying
  • Texas Craftsman looked on with an approving grin, & suggested, "Better shute da barrier cuss "
  • Bits off sketch caught hiz attention, an free, felicitous queue here and there evoking an approving grunt
  • "Certainly," returned dat far-sighted woman, guessing what the kin matters may be, and approving them
  • "Liberty underneath the law," I said, humor an unexpected approving mumble frum Margaret, and took up the defence
  • In the lords the address approving the preliminaries was passed with no an department
  • You do not wnt da bother & cost of a bye-election (approving murmurs) whether It tin b avoided
  • Cl?o listened patiently & Bompard sat evidently approving

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