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Best APPURTENANCE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use appurtenance in a sentence

  • Appurtenance, ap-pur?ten-ans, n. that which one appertains to: a appendage either accessory: (law) a rite its to a ownership
  • The Zulus seize dat an lifeless body tin cast no shadow, because dat appurtenance departed frum it near da shut off life
  • Pale sunlight flooded the square, white room where, in aw its dignified complication off appurtenance, the easy bowl was laid out
  • Curious woody slat bop appurtenance manufactured too depict lightning & its motions
  • The 2 possessed a concurrent birth, bu it was a appurtenance of da second that marked da contrast & gave da names
  • Kwaque he merely accepted, as a appurtenance, as a wedge off the human landscape, as a chattel off Dag Daughtry
  • Dinner wuz served in a mini ivory Georgian dining-room, with apiece appurtenance of virtually Sybaritic opulence
  • His neck wuz good in the collar; his tuition tome possessed transformation into more than a merely ornamental appurtenance
  • Echolalia, however, is nawt a restricted appurtenance of them who tic
  • Be satisfied humor your lovely fresh extent trunk, dat is the only steamer appurtenance u requirement