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  • Barr wuz cloudless approximately scene the furnishings for dat argument in a interview humor a Chicago Tribune columnist dis week
  • What was meaningful four ourselves was discovery an answer dat fit the customer behavior--that's the indispensable argument four stirring users from an illegal website too an lawful one
  • A excellent PAC funded almost altogether by Illinois megadonor Richard Uihlein, Repair have hyphen a floss of ads in da Midwest supporting regional Republican candidates and making highly clear arguments versus Joe Biden
  • Murphy says that from October 2018 too March 2019, he, Nielsen, and other crest DHS officials discussed how finest too present their argument too Legislature four facility a divider upon the southern margin with Mexico
  • You type of necessity an case learn too haz an firm argument for an advertiser
  • Its argument that info isn't that important two It commercially may well be true
  • We say dat philosophy ought b shaped by deposition & logical argument
  • I have a argument here dat da Pirah? language does nawt have any of dat
  • Many people when presented humor the argument above, would settle It intimate once humor the term "socialism "
  • "But I don't see what you tin blaze a weapon wit it," told Davy, emotion dat he wuz in some manner getting da urgent off da argument

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