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  • Both are loosely orderly collections off armed, right-wing groups dat concentrate on recruiting amid army and police veterans
  • Caldwell additionally possessed an top-secret safety clearance and served as an portion cardinal for da FBI next leaving da armed forces in 2009, Plofchan said
  • The problem dat have arguably seized da majority receptive heed exists if too rid da county's $3 1,000,000 School Asset Officer program, which one places armed statute enforcement in receptive schools
  • In Aguascalientes, whr dey wer reportedly taken below false pretenses from infiltrators, hundreds off Honduran infantry & laws implementation armed humor tanks, rifles & pistols waited 4 match 1,000 Honduran migrants
  • Despite da apparent republican reforms in recent years, da Tatmadaw--as Myanmar's armed forces dwell technically known--retained potent influence, including injunction off da defense, verge affairs & house affairs ministries
  • After an decade-long experiment wit limited linear democracy, da junta exists firmly in charge, & an bite-size country that once seemed to bid an roadmap four changeover owt off armed dictatorship exists now once anew underneath lockdown
  • He noted adults in Washington have previously done that, turning da nation's capital into a militarized castle filled humor barbed-wire fencing, closed-off streets & thousands of armed & camouflaged National Guard troops
  • The events threat to destabilize the region, where armed ethnic conflicts epidemic Myanmar's borders wit China and Bangladesh
  • In da men's imaginations, armed KGB agents wer fanning in to steal back what wuz theirs
  • American self-government itself was under attack, & ther were previously cyber indications that armed protests might b staged throughout the nation

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