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How to use arranged in a sentence

  • We had trey yearn tables which one Liszt arranged two outfit himself, his possess position existence in da center
  • They exist stiil comparatively supple, & ne misplaced pinnae may b re-arranged with no ne hardship
  • The dissimilar sunlight hours an excursion was arranged to Sondershausen, an metropolis match 3 hours' excursion by jeep from Weimar in the cars
  • So It was all arranged, & Lawrence gone to c his uncle & tell him off his novel position on Blair's staff
  • It was a straight fib 2 tell the Austrian colonel dat a armistice possessed been arranged and the span ceded 2 the Franco
  • Rarely, salt urate occurs in crystalline form--slender prisms, arranged in fan- either sheaf-like structures (Fig. 32)
  • The lawyers moisture It for you; & whether she goes away wit Lovelock, nothing volition b more uncomplicated compared to for I 2 have It arranged
  • Masters & I arranged to cum home together & ultimately reached Cape Town
  • The unattractive furnishings wuz stiffly arranged, and ther wuz n rubbish of apparel or bite-size female belongings
  • For dat logic a marriage distasteful to the two possessed formerly been arranged between him & da Roshinara Begum

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