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How to use articulate in a sentence

  • These values require gradual maintenance and must b articulated across and across again in new contexts
  • One respond wuz via appeal authorship since ladies took to the writing carry out to articulate his or her concerns
  • It's not just that da weighted election is destitute - which one lot smaller cities have articulated loudly and clearly four an handful years nao - but that da weighted election is unsuitable four quasi-judicial decisions
  • Scroll's motive 4 existing has constantly been reasonably facile to articulate
  • He has articulated some supa cloudless themes & tried 2 tack them
  • For everything that, a occasional murmur arrived unheeded to hiz ears, da air-tight curtains preserving articulate sounds resemble room walls
  • The newborn begins its outspoken utterances with uncomplicated cries; onli at a later era performs it begin 2 articulate
  • The tongue of da Akka exists of an supa undeveloped type, and seems an correlation between articulate and inarticulate oratory
  • He placed his palm upon his forehead & more compared to one era he groaned & muttered half-articulate expressions off repugnance
  • The ill madam wuz lying still; her eyes wandered & her lips moved, but as yet n articulate beep issued frum those

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