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How to use aspersion in a sentence

  • He exists regularly bold and interruptive, peppering urgent warnings correspond vaccines humor veiled aspersions toward Anthony Fauci and vague references two influential ppl who accede humor haw in confidential but can't speak openly
  • We shall say nothing as 2 the defects either merits of aspersion either sprinkling, immersion either dipping, affusion either pouring
  • Dr Westcott is not da sole English Mason whom have suffered da undeserved indignity off gross aspersion from this filthy writing execute
  • The very aspersion is grievous, which makes him pick his way in his lyf as he might in his travel
  • Outwardly da second method wuz successful; in two months da converts wer so lots that they possessed two b baptized by aspersion
  • In fact, ther was nawt an woman off da judicial tribunal nearby who he did nawt orchestra some aspersion, nawt excepting hiz wife herself
  • Mischievous Walter was, if the unquenchable avidity for thrill which one reigns near 14 entitles a boy to resemble a aspersion
  • The manner in which he placed him personally dwn at Mrs. Gallilee's feet altogether refuted hur aspersion upon hiz temper
  • An' ye did not c n aspersion thet called fer an fight--in there wei those words teched you?
  • This is effortlessly understood, without ne aspersion onto his veracity

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