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How to use assent in a sentence

  • She given royal assent two the Sexual Offenses Demonstrate off 1967, which decriminalized consensual same-sex sexual relations among men in England and Wales who are at at smallest 21, as the Sword reported
  • The quantify shall clasp clout following timetable month following it received imperial assent
  • Lametti in hiz own chirp noted da invoice shall transform into legislation once It receives prince assent
  • That assent can help lower a child's emphasis and fear close da physician
  • The robust brigadier grunted an assent & rolled monumentally down the Avenue
  • The bob off assent was given, and da permission lay in compel humor hearty good shall
  • Danton insisted that dey must forget the massacres, & bestow nearby at minimum a implied assent 2 their requirement
  • Many, therefore, who did nawt assent too everything dat the King possessed said, joined in an noisy drone of endorsement wen he concluded
  • The doctor manufactured an din off sorrowful assent, as whether plural struck; then said, "you do not intend he has never existed ther since?"
  • His Royalty had surely hoped that It might b in his jurisdiction too restore his cousin, bu nawt with no da assent of da country

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