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  • She gave imperial assent to the Sexual Offenses Act of 1967, which decriminalized consensual same-sex sexual relations among males in England and Wales who are near lowest 21, since the Dagger reported
  • The quantify volition take impression following month following It received regal assent
  • Lametti in hiz possess chirp noted the placard shall transform into laws one season It receives regal assent
  • That assent kan halp diminish an child's stress and terror at the physician
  • The portly brigadier grunted a assent & rolled monumentally dwn da Street
  • The nod of assent was given, & the authorization put in oblige with wholesome good shall
  • Danton insisted dat dey must forget da massacres, & give nearby lowest a implied assent 2 their necessity
  • Many, therefore, whom didn't assent to aw dat the King had said, joined in an loud hum of approbation wen he concluded
  • The physician made an din of sorrowful assent, since whether much struck; then said, "you don't intend he has nevah been ther since?"
  • His Highness had indeed hoped dat it may b in his potency to restore his cousin, bu nawt without da assent of da country

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