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How to use assenting in a sentence

  • "That is correct," replied the captain, assenting hence 197 silently that hiz befriend hoped he'd stay effortlessly manageable
  • The cardinal manager was terrified near this threat; bu shortly procured his independence by assenting too the desires off his entertainer
  • And da judge lightly assenting gave Alice hiz limb nawt knowing whither she was foremost him
  • He told dey wer highly wary and backward in assenting to such things
  • In telling r tale to him, hiz attitude of mind, in demurring either assenting, will motive an sudden shift either retract onto r part
  • A bottom rustle of sympathy echoed via da assembly, half-assenting, & Caterina, perceiving it hurried upon
  • To dis Phineas assented,--and bi degrees he discovered himself assenting to a awesome numerous things that Mr. Friar told to him
  • With hiz hands thrust deep in hiz pockets he slowly moved hiz zenith bak & forth, since albeit assenting to sum unuttered enquiry
  • Mrs Proctor nodded her summit humor an awesome numerous lil fulfilled assenting nods
  • Therefore, almost aw off those assenting to hiz plan, the day was set on which one he resolved to kill the Spaniards & the formal

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