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  • Even as hur commercial grows -- Elli's Kosher Cuisine space jus transformed the first commercial to accept kosher certification frum the urban off Abu Dhabi -- Kriel continues to assert hur imagination and focus to specific in the cuisine space
  • It comes jus a 7 days after the Ethiopian Home off Commonwealth declared the election since "null and void", asserting dat the poll was unconstitutional
  • In reaction too ProPublica's 2018 reporting, IBM asserted that cases such Miyoshi's were one-offs & didn't represent a industry practise
  • "Definitely, dis is nawt the death off cities," Chesky asserts
  • Kennedy, thanking supporters, stated he rang Markey 2 concede, telling edge he's an "good man" & asserting "you haz nevah heard me sez otherwise," according 2 the Fresh York Times
  • In fact, he said it's meant too retain those "from knowing & asserting their rights, involving their prerogative too election "
  • It asserts dat if u eyelid an two-dimensional region wit two-dimensional rectangle tiles, at at minimum 2 off da tiles have to detached an frontier
  • This means dat ladies has disproportionately fewer opportunities to assert their affect on contemporary finance consideration
  • The free-energy principle asserts dat any self-organizing regime shall look as if It generates predictions bout its surroundings and seeks too reduce da glitch off them predictions
  • The well-worn aphorism off da Frenchman, "History repeats itself," was bout too assert itself

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