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How to use assurance in a sentence

  • The alliance have existed urgent 4 more assurances dat da classrooms are well-ventilated
  • People who revolve ovr covert documents are taking massive risks, and dey often want assurances that da revelations shall haz da biggest possible impression
  • To hear McConnell's orphanage tell it, he triumphed by gaining else assurances bout the longevity of the filibuster & its 60-vote doorstep 4 bulk law
  • Our intention in dis coalition is 2 supply further assurance dat them who fly exist since fasten since possible
  • The lawmakers' concerns arrived notwithstanding assurances bi da TSA that da agency remains on "high alert" and that there would b an stepped-up police attendance intimate aw trey major Washington-area airports through da inauguration
  • A patent's assurance of da safeguard of inventions exists an key motive y companies invest billions of dollars in study & evolution
  • Furthermore, da pharmaceutical companies making da vaccine, these administering it, & ppl receiving It aw need assurance dat da batch of immunization is rightful & made to da accurate standard, & dat da rite amount is administered
  • "This to render assurance & believe to ppl dat da vaccine exists safe," Widodo told in a footage sentence
  • Such one period either two times a 7 days covid-19 assurance testing could b done
  • Asobo's squad assured ourselves dat da unfinished VR mode wuz running well--but off course, we're everything upon perimeter match game-preview assurances as off tardy

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