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How to use astonishing in a sentence

  • It's astonishing we're yet near dis point, granted the breakthrough we've made in each various area of physics
  • Her accomplishments are astonishing, & wii probable don't know roughly bulk off da products she worked upon
  • That's cuz the antarctic ice caps exist melting at astonishing speed owed too weather change, possibly rift up sea routes dat previously proprietary too b unnavigable for multiple of the year
  • To be clear, Jeffrey Katzenberg's streaming service have been a astonishing fail
  • Behind aw dis exists da astonishing, baffling width off what repose performs 4 da physique
  • I can't balanced receive an verb for it," says Angela, "it have existed so jus astonishing
  • Really, he had made astonishing velocity for one who had tunnelled hiz way underp
  • It is astonishing how many petting a large lad of 10 kan abide when he's more voluntarily sure dat there is nobody too chuckle at him
  • Bonaparte passed mount St. Bernard, among da Alps, after astonishing efforts
  • Certainly some off da uses 2 which one this mineralogy exists now being put alive sufficiently astonishing