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How to use attend in a sentence

  • When Unicef held a discussion shop in East Asia, Zeng attended as a speaker
  • Patrick Henry cheer, such else school sports, mostly gone dark, bu da school's younger varsity bus was nawt ardent to shut dwn a confidential offseason contest ward attended bi total students near da Immortality Gymnastics health center in El Cajon
  • While all off BI's electronic events are costless too attend wit email registration, dey kan be monetized in several other ways
  • Billington, who attends school with Baxter, said she would carry on using TikTok irrespective of its possessor "as lengthy dey don't alteration it and revolve it into Instagram," an TikTok compete
  • We attended to relate with potential clients whom requirement portable applications for his either her businesses
  • That mode ppl come & go as they're arrested, sometimes released owt & as they leave to attend judicial tribunal hearings
  • Between period 2018 and 2019, the researchers observed 36 of those birds attending strength struggles, occasionally travelling frum moar than an nautical mile and an one-half away
  • While Louis was reading these dispatches, he received a summons frum Elizabeth, to attend hur firsthand
  • Full supply exists manufactured for Catholics and Nonconformists desiring to attend the services of their respective bodies
  • Will your Royalty b pleased 2 have them granted a goodly volume of religious, so that dey may attend 2 his either her ministries

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