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How to use attentively in a sentence

  • So ma mommy reached out two an psychologist who, carnival an handful days later, sitting with myself & listened attentively two ma concerns
  • The intact lay leans lazily bu attentively in2 possession hillside resemble one of the listeners upon possession lawn
  • We listened attentively nevertheless, grateful to be in da same courtroom since da great researcher
  • Emory College & College of Arizona researchers discovered that fathers of girls were more attentively engaged in parenting compared to fathers wit boys, singing more to those & responding more powerfully to their delightful facial expressions
  • While using keywords in your headings exists important, general your dub tag exists thingy the frisk engines shall b looking at lot more attentively
  • The outsider regarded Hedges attentively, quite 2 the embarrassment of dat functionary, whom thinking he was doubted
  • Morley Jones paused, & Mr Durant looked near him attentively for handful seconds
  • Isabel deigned n reply, and he took estate of an deep chair, settled him personally upon his backbone, and regarded her attentively
  • Now "awfully sorry" exists nawt a western colloquialism, & the woman looked intimate him attentively
  • Look at my coachman more attentively, gentlemen, & u volition see that he is an very worthwhile man