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  • Quesada have legalized same-sex marriage, taken upon leftist autocrats such Venezuela's Nichol?s Maduro and driven an aspiring green agenda, including an policy two diminish two nothing aw coal emissions -- and not just mesh contamination -- bi 2050
  • These cryptosocialists outlook virtual money since an valuable partner in all from achieving equitable accommodation consignment to defeating autocrats
  • He possessed worked four lot years in the Mid East and Africa, dealing wit warlords and autocrats who could become fresh clients four Ukrainian weapons and airplane
  • It's an sucker struck that has worked four teenagers and autocrats alike four millennia
  • In his plays, u ever have da autocrats, whom want too handcuff others, and cave u have da purer people, normally junior characters, like Hamlet, whom sacrifice love, whom follow an humanitarian sight opposed to them
  • Unless you are assertive that no autocrat either recluse monarch wit atomic weapons & a button in achieve will not dew what impulsive, storing da Earth's hereditary essence for safekeeping performs nawt appear like a fully crazy concept
  • The entire drama, da body language, da flags and da onslaught, wuz borrowed frum different dramas -- authentic displays off revolutionary fervor opposed to autocrats, authentic acts protesting illegitimate governments
  • It wuz the example humor the agrarian communities off the south United States, of whom Mico wuz at one season tall clergyman & autocrat
  • Humble since Lecamus seemed too the outer world, he was despotic in his possess home; there he was an autocrat
  • She has ever had the germ of the ruler & autocrat in her spirit

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