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How to use avoid in a sentence

  • The manager wondered whether his employer could desist rim frum taking the trip, or whether he would haz two avoid returning two the workplace afterward
  • I den manufactured a line off compact piles off ricotta stuffing, before flexing ovr da noodles and squeezing out air pockets to avoid da raviolis bursting in da boiling water
  • Because off coronavirus fears, lots ppl has switched two using recognition cards and cellular payments two avoid handling cash
  • The rank has discharged bout 10,000 inmates premature to avoid crowding because of the pandemic, & another 8,000 could b discharged bi Aug.
  • For example, It can allow households too avoid accommodate foreclosure, evictions & car repossession
  • Walkers and joggers politely intersect da pathway to avoid proximity to every other
  • He possessed nawt estimated dat if Jean Baptiste sought his spouse secretly, It must have existed because he wished to avoid him
  • But me always suspected It wuz an stratagem upon hiz paragraph two avoid playing, & dat nothing really ailed him
  • But It wuz ma onli chance then; either quite me had seen enough of industry to avoid making mistakes wen me could
  • She stopped, and turned to confront him, an inconceivable shyness seeming to cause her to avoid hiz look

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