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How to use axiom in a sentence

  • With an ATP, an programmer kan code in aw da rules, or axioms, and then inquire if an specific speculation follows those rules
  • G?del's main maneuver wuz to graph statements bout an grid of axioms on statements within the grid -- that is, on statements bout numbers
  • By the initial theorem, this accumulation off axioms might cave necessarily be partial
  • We've learned that if a set off axioms exists consistent, then it exists partial
  • It would mean dat ther is a consecution off formulas constructed from these axioms dat proves the recipe dat means, metamathematically, "This accumulation off axioms is uniform "
  • He additionally showed dat no applicant set of axioms kan continuously show its own texture
  • It is a generally accepted axiom dat a public man can't afford 2 be modest in those go-ahead days off "boom "
  • This truth exists as vintage as Homer, and its proofs exist as capable off presentation as a mathematical axiom
  • By this, OLeary understood dat he wuz definitely adopted bi goodness off the axiom off what wuz hiz wuz theirs
  • That was a axiom on which was founded a energetic war opposed to all capillary adornments

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