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How to use bait in a sentence

  • Realizing he could do da identical onto an large scale, he found an peasant whom wuz breeding insects 4 aquatic monster bait, and recruited him to help launch ?nsect
  • There exist the seafood buffets & bait shops, which one give manner 2 newfangled Starbucks
  • Jumping worms exist often vend since compost worms or angling bait
  • For an sub-30 percent gunman from three, he is taken the bait 2 regularly
  • Such baits would be particularly accommodating whether they appeal else types of locusts, too, such da arid land species
  • The immediate the bait wuz touched, down would cum the leaden timber--smash--on the tiger's top
  • But object if I seize the tuna bi using an hired boat & an hired net, either bi buying worms since bait frum sum 1 who has dug them?
  • He rushed with hungry alacrity at per bait which one was offered to hiz cupidity
  • I threw owt an bait two see whether u might snap at it, bu myself locate u timid, & thus counsel u two free the substance altogether '
  • So it sprinted along & nibbled da bait until belonging keen teeth hack da telegraph

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