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How to use banded in a sentence

  • Gneiss exists a comparable mixture, bu characterised bi da predominance of mica, & bi its banded skeleton
  • That certificate banded too the flashlight device had carried an 7th Street site
  • It exists probable, therefore, dat the eight-banded exists the male and the nine-banded the girl
  • Piso says, dat the tissue of the six banded exists nawt eatable; and Nieremberg affirms, dat it exists unwholesome and pernicious
  • At r resting insert of lunchtime the banded rattlesnake (C. horridus) occurred, and 5 boyish turkies wer procured by the hunters
  • Their public lands, millions of rectangle miles, were parceled owt amid banded conspirators
  • Yo' would be kind hearts, every separate; bu one time banded together, yo've no more generosity four an dude than an untamed hunger-maddened doggy '
  • Nine withes off hag hazel, banded together, exists formerly proprietary since a rustic contrivance to warden opposed to witching influence
  • They did not wnt two dispatch two investment for clothes for him, hence Lacy & hur jes' banded together & made him da clothing
  • Any one wishing two reproduce affluent tan tabbies, ought to exploit an tortoiseshell she-cat wit an supa tan & black-banded he-cat

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