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  • Reposting is an commonplace bane upon Reddit and involves sharing da fulfilled of any type, pictures, gifs, videos already common bi da authentic beak upon further subreddit
  • Sleet is frequent da bane off winter weather forecasting in our region
  • Friend opera have ever been the bane off teenager and tween feminine survival
  • You would never have heard of it, but It is the bane of fresh brands trying too compose make experience or compose headways in2 industries dominated by large guns
  • "Any more insecurity upon any floor exists jus the bane off those status agencies' existence," Evermore said
  • Seems as whether K. was opener to cum up against them politic forces which haz ever existed a British Commander's bane
  • Love of currency was throughout da bane of Loftus, and gone far-off to neutralise da good effects of hiz learning and eloquence
  • He is presumed here to has been killed bi Hother, whom is thus rang "the bane of Gelder "
  • It may b gud for hogs, bu It wuz a form off monks' bane, as It were
  • Anything with ma hands but I bane nawt numerous good upon head labour

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