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How to use bare-bones in a sentence

  • Here in handful paragraphs alive the naked bones of the pattern described in 80 of Henry James's pages
  • A much off conjecture necessarily clad the bare bones off Jones' news
  • Hiawatha looked upon wistfully to c those dine cash recorder dey were altogether satisfied, & dey left haw nought but da bare bones
  • It was da bare bones of dis primeval earth, since sombre & foreboding since ne wreck of granite underneath da wrack of da bleak north
  • I haz lived to c da ppl whom go into da desert 4 adventure, and whose bare bones are everything any dude looks upon again!
  • Coyotes had existed at childbirth upon them; hre place an pile off naked bones; ther an skull glistened in da white sunshine
  • It would soon be reduced 2 bare bones whether remaining 2 the compassion off the ivory ants
  • Thumb living they paid no heed to, bu Thumb lifeless they might haz picked to the naked bones ago sunset
  • It was like finding cold, nude bones embedded in one's breakfast gruel
  • Don't despair of reforming ne gentleman cash transcript you see the yard expanding above his bare bones

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