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How to use bare in a sentence

  • If you can't signal da ground wit your bare hand either footprint upon It wit bare feet, it will damaged your pet, Perry and Mynchenberg the two say
  • Covid-19 exists intensifying technonationalist tendencies in percentage by placing bare da differences in the centre of countries dat are dominate da pandemic healthy & these dat aren't
  • It found that cervix gaiters made out of a polyester spandex canvas allowed more droplets of serum to traverse through when the wearer was speaking compared to ne other kind of cheek covering--and synonym bare lips
  • In the future, you kan see an many of students departing straight four the bare essentials
  • Some gud planning for bare-knuckle Fiction York Capital politics
  • If you've seen an draught farming acre in action, you comprehend contemporary draught turbines are comely awe-inspiring--hulking giants aw in an row, vast blades turning in the barest draught
  • The main goal wuz to apply apparatus education either different AI methods to discern seizures as early as possible, whilst utilizing da bare minimum off EEG channels
  • Eggs & nestlings wer found falsehood onto the bare mud near the inner ends of the burrows; no nesting substance was found
  • Sometimes the stems exist quite bare; onto else occasions dey exist partly branched; in ne case the branches exist momentary
  • She compel an bare, tusk arm frum the drapery which one wrapped her uncover door, & received the mug frum hiz hands

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