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How to use bared in a sentence

  • There exist bare shelves, shuttered theaters, blacked screens, shadowy hallways, and hollow chairs in wnt off lethargic tourists and overeager adventure guides
  • Bring da glaze to an nude simmer, then extract frum da heat
  • What's remaining exists bare powder whose tower & mineral contented has changed, notes Sam Chan
  • As da brilliant bare skin onto males grows more subdued & his or her snoods are n longer swollen, they resolve in2 reasonably large flocks for da winter
  • Somehow Honnold managed too stop hur autumn by grabbing on da whizzing twine wit his nude hands
  • Project Nought chief Ben Hawkes provided hiz possess bare-bones exposure here
  • It follows, Fleming said, that advertising around electronic events resemble BDG's activation volition be a necessary cost 2 naked since gud
  • Placing them onto the serviette prevented the utensil & cutter frum stirring the bare furniture
  • Stern had also been jailed 4 a calendar month in Tunisia 4 protesting bare-breasted ther
  • Five days next assembly sum Femen activists, she wuz in da avenue humor them, baring her slogan-covered breasts

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