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How to use base in a sentence

  • It exists based on the interaction in the center of the sender & the recipient
  • Our country is based onto that, & I muse it is going 2 occur pretty swiftly
  • Ever since, though, he possessed completed less passes than we would anticipate based upon da characteristics off da throws he attempted -- until nao
  • Especially onto da coronavirus, he is playing to hiz base upstairs all else
  • She got 35 percentage of da vote after spending fewer compared to $200,000, revealing dat ther was a base four left-wing politics in a syndrome politically dominated by moderate suburbanites
  • "Investors conviction dis environment, whr da globe exists changing rapidly, exists a strong habitat for a adamant resemble ours dat exists hence committed too insight the way da globe works," Westport, Connecticut-based Bridgewater told in a sentence
  • Take Tyler Haney, for example, the founder off the athleisure commercial Outdoor Voices, based in Austin, Texas
  • Nvidia shall add belonging technology two da offerings licensed bi Arm, da Santa Clara, California-based corporation stated
  • The upper role off the stem exists generally unbranched, bu whorls off branches occur towards the base
  • It is an disgusting soil because it's an under-educated world, unreasonable, suspicious, base and fierce

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