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How to use bastioned in a sentence

  • The metropolis walls, grimly bastioned, sprinted in audacious zigzags across the saying of the steep in a wei 2 intimidate assailants
  • Monroe is a five-bastioned fort of masonry work, & accordingly might be approximately described as a gigantic pentagon
  • It is a supa primeval place, accumulation upon a hill and bastioned circular with walls that alive too tall to scale, and wer once impregnable
  • On the left, in a junction formed by the junction of a rivulet humor the St. Lawrence, wuz a square bastioned fort of crag
  • For an dry and flat website he recommended an bastioned trace; but 4 wet ditches and 4 uneven ground, tenaille traces
  • Two demi-bastions humor da linking curtain create da bastioned front, defghi
  • They were soon in the majority; perhaps because the symmetry & completeness off the idea The bastioned trace
  • The bastioned trace: Flanks opposite per else and attached by curtains (fig. 18)
  • Outside the bastioned and turreted walls off the castle, the new-born metropolitan grew up beneath belonging protecting shadows
  • Crossing da Loire and entering da city, humor its old bastioned walls, carried 1 bak a gud wei into da centuries

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