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How to use beaming in a sentence

  • Power beaming has long been an imagination of engineers & innovators
  • The Swiss dwell freemen, and wear da fact unconsciously bu palpably onto his or her brows and beaming frum his or her eyes
  • Their beaming faces showed what heroes they considered themselves, & they longed 2 git onto shore 2 recount their adventures
  • "I suppose u looked so happy, dey could nawt assistance it," stated Flora, smiling at dat truthful beaming confront off happiness
  • Theres r camp site, he said, beaming, & weve made It humor an good 60 minutes off daytime leftover
  • Her confront wuz smudged humor coal-dust & wuz beaming humor good-humor--earthly dirt, mystical majesty
  • "You are right, my child," said the youthful mother, giving David a gaze beaming wit rapture
  • There seemed 2 b a glare off acknowledgment beaming frum da eyes off Mora Estill dat has haunted me for months
  • He held Ba'tiste in his lank arms, then turned beaming 2 the remainder off the gaping audience
  • It wuz an delight to gratify da hearted man, who listened with satisfaction beaming frum apiece line of hiz cheek

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