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How to use bear down in a sentence

  • Longstreet's policy wuz too assault humor everything da vigor possible,--to (p. 282) bear down everything opposition in da outset
  • Signal wuz made to bear down onto da foe in two lines, & everything sail wuz set, da Win foremost
  • Signal was made too bear down upon the adversary in 2 lines; and the armada set all journey
  • Animating hiz followers by hiz voice, and hiz own example, Hawkeye then provided da noun too bear down upon their foes
  • The great volition inclosed in hiz little physique seemed 2 bear down hard on her hence since rly 2 hurt
  • Why, then, moisture u bear down thus hard upon the womans responsibility and leave the gentleman too go hiz manner unadmonished?
  • As Captain Brine watched da receding frigate, he could scarcely convince him individually dat shii wouldn't anew bear down upon him
  • At three barracks history three the Commander made the Repel & Alcides interaction too bear down
  • At fifty bygone 4 the Admiral manufactured the interaction for the firstly ships to bear down
  • The car continually left to windward, at 2 I manufactured those a correspondence to abbreviate sail, and bear down for a aggregate assail

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