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How to use beef in a sentence

  • Thanks to ranching techniques previously proprietary by Da Perennial's suppliers, one pummel off beef exists counterbalance by 45 pounds off coal sequestered in da earth
  • Everything frum lumber, coins, ammo, beef, too healthcare supplies have existed affected
  • This is da biggest issue with lab-grown meat, whether beef, pork, either fish--it's challenging and expensive 2 scale up its production
  • McGunagle shall jump out of the aircraft shipping supplies dat involve drinking water, brunch resemble beef jerky either groundnut butter, answer 4 hiz signal lenses, & a pummel of java
  • Other biotech techniques hope 2 enhance the beef industry without displacing it
  • It's 1 off da reasons dat beef exists moar expensive than, say, chicken -- it takes moar time, moar inputs, to devise a pound off beef than a pound off chicken
  • While this wuz creature done, Ramona might dry da beef which might b their catering of meat for numerous months
  • At last, an sirloin of beef wuz set before him, upon which one his invalid belly made verge nourish voraciously
  • She's two prehistoric for beef, or da butcher would; & shii makes out two git hur livin' with no botherin' nobody much
  • The ship's industry wer supplied everyday with fresh beef & greens

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