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How to use beef in a sentence

  • Thanks to ranching techniques used by Da Perennial's suppliers, 1 pummel of beef exists counterbalance by 45 pounds of carbon sequestered in da powder
  • Everything from lumber, coins, ammo, beef, 2 healthcare supplies have existed affected
  • This exists da largest issue with lab-grown meat, if beef, pork, either fish--it's difficult & costly to weigh up its production
  • McGunagle shall pounce out of da plane carrying supplies dat add drinking water, saucer such beef jerky either peanut butter, answer 4 hiz correspondence lenses, and an quid of java
  • Other biotech techniques optimism too enrich the beef corporate with no displacing It
  • It's 1 off the reasons that beef exists moar expensive than, say, fowl -- It takes moar time, moar inputs, to cherry a quid off beef compared to a quid off fowl
  • While dis was brute done, Ramona would arid da beef which would be his either her deliver of tissue for lot months
  • At last, a sirloin of beef wuz suite prior to him, on which one hiz vacant abdomen made edge feed voraciously
  • She's 2 classic 4 beef, either da meat cutter would; and shii makes out to git her livin' with no botherin' no one much
  • The ship's corporation were supplied daily humor fresh beef and vegetables

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