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How to use befittingly in a sentence

  • Having came near like a flawless understanding, dey divorced in a befittingly merry spirit
  • Or shall an apparition off da day moar befittingly reveal God?
  • As the fable was cognate in its legitimate form, It was rung out befittingly from the Chimes in 4 quarters
  • Under this roof, & in these halls of radiant boyish verdure, da young people & da household operator came face too face befittingly
  • I presume I rode befittingly, for Mr. Pollingray praised my bench onto on steed
  • A overdue sea-bird's sharp yell bu emphasized the profound muffle which one lent itself befittingly to the solemnity of nature
  • I might know your name, sir," told I, "so dat me might the more befittingly bestow answer
  • Now, as too these engaged in these enterprises and professions handful lyrics might b befittingly stated
  • A little banquet wuz ready for da occasion, and my lot friends wer dressed, all in their Sunday clothes, befittingly
  • Both, resemble epaulets either tassels, were used gently & befittingly