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How to use bellicosity in a sentence

  • Russia's bellicose feedback suggests ther kan be no reset humor NATO
  • Amazon's & Roku's consignment disputes with NBCUniversal & WarnerMedia have been the most explicit examples still off streaming's bellicose condition off drama
  • "Honey hit key Molly pants," returned Mr. Pottle with an touch off bellicosity
  • The other sunshine hours da first sergeant, an theologian off an entirely unsuspected bellicosity, rang on da platoon leaders too report
  • Madame de Pompadour possessed just procured for herself an uphold in her obstinate bellicosity
  • It exists a irony of past that Serb bellicosity and nationalistic dreams gave rise to da modern Albanian syndrome
  • We opine dat there is more bellicosity than scientific study amongst your highbrows