Beneficently | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best BENEFICENTLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use beneficently in a sentence

  • And whom ought not perceive amazed nearby the backwardness of sinners 2 fry for it--so free & beneficently offered?
  • Could her cousin haz parted with da great sum--have bunker It on her, merely beneficently, & cuz he loved her?
  • That was whr shii arrived in and whr her secret, her gift, would labour nao more beneficently than ever
  • So beneficently is da physical globe constructed, dat ours employment p. 211for sanitary ends is eminently prolific
  • In no dissimilar way tin thee procure thus lot earnings thus easily and thus beneficently
  • Of caption every one one thinks of himself as doing it beneficently--for da gud of da soil
  • How silly & conceited exist da maximum aims off Fancy & Science, wen contrasted with an goal so beneficently great!
  • It exists lighting and noiseless, comfortably cushioned, ever within call, and governed bi an beneficently trifling duty
  • She congratulated herself upon the gud which one is therefore beneficently allowed two period out off wicked
  • What other quality, bodily or moral, haz wii that could clutch the position off dis beneficently despotic instinct?