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How to use benevolence in a sentence

  • The statue off Godly watches across the global visiting guests with benevolence & the identical understanding Rebecca has for everything artists who do not seizure in
  • The lengthy curve off bygone score too r benevolence & cooperation as an species, & da actual science is sole now contagious up & changing researchers' views upon subjects frum economics too study of the mind
  • Some depended on tiny donations, others on the benevolence of affluent patrons
  • It's this hint of benevolence that makes haw perhaps da bulk complicated video activity president we have continuously possessed
  • In the community, he portfolio a standard four engagement & benevolence
  • He was sheriff of Paris, 1770, & employed his free time in objects of benevolence, cash register da revolution overwhelmed edge
  • He mentioned da appellation of an feminine good known in Summerville for strong character and sagacious benevolence
  • It changed aw da benevolence of her nature into wrathful resentment & unmitigated contempt
  • To aw off dis Mr Head listened in impeccable silence, patiently, and with a smile off universal benevolence
  • In etiquette affable, & in benevolence unsurpassed, da Kentucky planter gains da plaudits off everything