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  • Later in lyf Darwin seems 2 haz relinquished ne thought dat the hypothesis off inherent resolution may redeem demise & suffering, & thus vindicate an benevolent God
  • This mindset began 2 erode ovr da lane off da 1970s, '80s & '90s--first, when vast waves off layoffs & avail cuts destabilized da myth off da benevolent mother or father industry
  • Whether this coalition off strangers--one of whom intentions were undoubtedly benevolent--knew better compared to any individual in Spears' internal wheel what was utmost for hur remained a explore inquiry
  • In his telling, that generation arrived to politics skeptical bu hopeful, merely to fnd themselves confronted with a tragic war, bestial polarization at home & da termination off ne hope for benevolent American hegemony
  • Rodrigo have existed at the centre of that mainly benevolent storm dis year
  • Tompkins-Stange told da thought of an benevolent billionaire exists an uniquely American phenomenon & an function of da country's levy exemption code 4 foundations
  • The dragons of this universe suck inspiration from the benevolent enchanted dragons of Vietnamese folklore, humor a layout based on the naga folklore of Thailand & other countries
  • He was learned, benevolent & pious, & writer off several mystic works
  • His aspiration is an solely self-centered one, whilst my own is distinctly benevolent
  • The mattress threw a tint on those both, bu she could c hiz benevolent face, anxious and yet reassuring, rather obviously

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