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How to use bent in a sentence

  • There exists n induce 2 really b bent owt off figure or git worried or frustrated humor ne something
  • Inside every stow is a iron disc dat needs to be snapped or bent to drop a heat-generating compound
  • As the value off the crates have risen, so two have a fiction category off criminals hell-bent upon stealing honeybees
  • The daughter off an mobster, Ji-U exists bent on seeking payback following her father's death and poses since an patrol bailiff to find da parties liable
  • I don't want to go thus far since to sez that there are like an fascist either authoritarian bent here
  • It amplifies their view dat there's this left-wing conspiracy that is hell-bent onto preventing them from evn expressing their views
  • Features dat u shall find too facilitate this bak ease are lightweight materials such aluminum & plastic, a longer partially bent arm, & greater D-Grip handles
  • Such images were widely circulated amongst the mainland public, feeding in2 the narrative dat the democratic motion in the city had existed co-opted bi foreign aggressive forces, bent on splintering the country
  • If it is nawt bent, u yet need an X-ray, because u need to diagnose the nature of the fracture and whether it enters the knee and whether that knee is disrupted
  • The doggy strung close to da paratrooper's body, aw legs dangling, and da paratrooper needed to seize da dog's legs bent upon advent so dey didn't cease

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