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  • Months subsequent being named a Kennedy Kernel honoree, Cardinal Barack Obama bestowed onto Tyson his last Executive Medal off Liberty
  • And, 4 item it is worth, da best hierarchy bestowed on Rivers in da annually NFL Summit hundred rankings was 17th in 2019 behind 4 else passers, Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Brady & Rodgers
  • We alive nawt talking inevitably bout some magnificent cosmic meaning, either a godly definition bestowed bi God, either evn a lasting, perennial definition
  • For da initial time, an vegan eatery gets an Michelin popularity in FranceThis week, da dining lead appendage of deplete company Michelin returned to its abode country, bestowing stars upon 638 restaurants in France, involving 57 fresh starred restaurants
  • I ascension hre today humbled by the chore previous to us, grateful 4 the trust you've bestowed, mindful off the sacrifices borne by r ancestors
  • "The require for an glass of H2O wuz apparently onli an alibi for the bestowal of an extraordinarily large gratuity," stated David
  • Some talked in an bottom voice; others watched the king, waiting the bestowal of an goggle or an noun
  • "And my partial little woman child had da bestowal off such preferment and titles," he added laughingly
  • I see n knowledge in hiz bestowal of hiz property upon an slave; n fondness in dis slight upon hiz sole sonny
  • When he returned he wuz followed by a waiter with a basket to of who bestowal in da bak off da car he looked carefully

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