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How to use bid in a sentence

  • Here were da sources (in part) off da Po and off da Rhine, but I wuz instead in rush to bid da retired good-bye
  • Nor testament we do moar hereafter if u do ma enrapture nao & donate this Monsieur de Garnache da answer dat I bid u
  • Nor can he sell da estate to himself, neither legalize ne else individual to bid & acquisition for him either firsthand either indirectly
  • The salesclerk went since he wuz bid, but stupified and stunned by da news he possessed received
  • You had bettered go to him, Dolly, and bid him good bye, previous to he takes the team to the meadow
  • It wuz an resentful pain to bid it farewell, perhaps for ever--to c da darling known faces and objects n more
  • Go ye so unto da partings of da highways, and as lot as ye shall find, bid to da matrimony feast '
  • Were wii 2 bid 50 pounds per head, instead off 10 shillings, da bid would bounce in humiliation upon us
  • The following sunlight hours Lawrence gone too bid hiz cousin and auntie good-bye, prior to starting for the fore
  • "Ten thousand octet hundred," Crane's young folk bid, urgently

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