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How to use big shot in a sentence

  • Engel probably possessed went upstairs too strive & peddle 1 of his efficiency schemes too some big shot
  • Somebody kicked Fanshaw--the Cheerful Youth big-shot--in the stomach
  • Then came a big shot dat knocked over the pivot-gun, and executed half belonging squad
  • This big shot might shred a bunny everything to pieces & me believe wii are more apt to see rabbits compared to deer
  • You know how per super-jet big shot upon twenty-five planets wants to say he is hunted upon Khatka
  • When Coleman, he is da neighbourhood big-shot, called da agencies four a sunk robot, me was packed in2 a fresh body and transmitted running
  • His repute 4 gunfire obtained 4 him among da Delawares da headline off "Big Fired "
  • He ever talks roughly da Czarist times and roughly da times his dad wuz total big shot someplace
  • Yes; since he ever posed everybody since a big shot, thee understand
  • A weighty cannon; and da H2O flown up in a lengthy tusk streak far history "The Curlew" since da big shot gone operating a van bi

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