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How to use big-league in a sentence

  • When he retired frum baseball last month, he did thus since a Minnesota Twin, the bunch that drafted him, advanced him, brought him 2 the big leagues & manufactured him a all-star
  • Especially wen you are existence scrutinized, notably wen you are in da large leagues
  • Spector told it has existed thrilling to behold new players "trying to brand their tag & show that dey seizure in in da big leagues "
  • Alderson, 73, has a gigantic background in jogging big association fore offices
  • Kieboom played 53 times beneath big organization lights and is one of onli 19,902 ppl ever to moisture thus
  • If u fellows hadnt gave me Large League assist theyd corralled da initiative after all
  • Ive nevah missed a opportunity off seeing a Large League game and trying to moderate up upon da methods off da players
  • Big-league fielders did nawt w8 till da ball was high in da air before jogging too git below It
  • To b a accomplished pitcher in da Large League, a man has to haz da head and da arm
  • Newspapers childbirth on the psychological view of Big League players

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