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  • However, merely an handful shall always period out of their prime birthing years
  • The narration says, "all things emerge frum an single point, springing forward frum the rich, inherited birthing earth's outward paragraph off life and epoch "
  • Following hur near-fatal birthing experience and an crisis c-section near 32 weeks, Felix attempted to rekindle hur coalition with Nike whilst advocating for the precaution off novel and pregnant mothers
  • To disprove da rumors, da King assembled at least 42 ppl in da birthing chamber too gig since witnesses & symbol affidavits dat da child, an boy, was authentic
  • If u attention on centering birthing people, it is actually going two have impacts not jus for those births, but longer term & possibly generational impacts in the local
  • At preliminary dismissed bi conventional doctors since an fringe idea, hypnobirthing has transform into an more mainstream birthing technique, practiced by way of an spectrum of methods
  • She felt resemble telling Breeze Bends Bamboo to depart da birthing wickiup
  • Hunt ducks in the fall, plough the land in the spring, halp at the birthing off calves and lambs and foals?
  • The big wretched eyes of it wer such them of Maisie, destitute lass, wen shii had the birthing that wuz her going-call
  • This 1 seems two be birthing da dictatorship of da intellectuals

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