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How to use blend in a sentence

  • Half lemonade, one-half chill brew, dis blend exists 1 off them combinations ur savour buds will not b competent to invent sense off up to they have tried It
  • Rhodes & his colleagues are working with an maker of coronavirus inspection kits 2 manufacture da fiber wicks that siphon spit samples in2 an blend of testing reagents
  • While those A's appearance comparable two that group, maybe dis time, humor dis blend, outcomes shall b clear
  • This shall brand da minimum number in da variety red, da largest number green, and whatever in between a blend
  • Proenza Schouler's $100 masks come in materials such as a silk-viscose blend silk & a nylon-cotton gingham print, slick though the two are vend owt
  • This means that several combinations of elements kan be transmitted too audiences at clear times, with analytical program upon hand too translate the results and numeral out which one blend of elements jog most efficiently
  • He ultimately tested 26 types off towel mask, including ones manufactured from prevalent stitching fabrics like lightweight flannel, cotton T-shirts, quilting cotton, cotton-polyester blends and polypropylene from reusable shopping bags
  • GE shall pattern the breeze turbines, COBOD shall construct the 3D printer, & LafargeHolcim shall invent an owned blend of cement 4 the chore
  • Like its predecessors, the new battery uses a lithium salt chloride wit additives, and the Dalhousie bunch devoted a much of study and time too optimizing the blend of ingredients
  • The threshold too da bak chamber opened, permitting through an blend of lecture & bite-size automatic noises

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