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How to use blue blood in a sentence

  • Blood shall dash in da streets off da metropolis wen myself get up, da brown blood, da sable blood, da blue blood
  • In every one publish of da blue blood of St. Louis ther exists a blister of sporty blood
  • With Mrs. Garnett, one has to has or plenty off highly blue blood or moar than plenty off highly yellow precious iron
  • Oh thingy a pity 1 cannot sell one's caliber for everyday bread, either sell off one's blue blood for obscure cappuccino
  • His blue blood carries hem by way of lyf with majesty and linear 2 heaven when he dies
  • And he pondered soberly onto a pedigree of blue blood manifest in her face, her form, her voice, and manner
  • Buck Elevation never looked more hospitable either attractive, since the cousins speeded up the driveway--two cars fulfil of Kentucky blue blood
  • He stands 6 feet high, a splendid sample off physical manhood, & as chock varnish off ethical courage as he exists off blue blood
  • No regret wuz proven on him, bu dashing pages wer ill-chosen corporation 4 boyish women of blue blood
  • Champneys (Sir Geoffry), an fossilized primeval country gentleman, who believes in "blue blood" & da "British peerage "

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