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How to use blurred in a sentence

  • With da exception of da dollar, da screens live an blur of crimson this a m.
  • That's easy and selfevident 2 say after Mondey night's masterpiece, a 52-24 option dat leftover Ohio State some conjunction off smeared across da grass and blinking at da blur dat fair sailed bi
  • In pre-pandemic times, the typical sidewalk parade of assorted shaggy creatures -- led by his either her human companions clutching plastic bags of canine poop -- could appear an blur, barely appreciate noticing
  • The analysis suggested dat da streaks in them images wer nawt in fact lines extended across da sky, but onli appeared dat wei owed to immigration blur, as spherical blobs of glowing steam moved through da atmosphere
  • Just since an camera creates more bokeh, doesn't signify it's beautiful smudge
  • Studying it highly carefully, he consideration he manufactured out "Mrs " previous to the moss-blurred name
  • He stops in fore off an blurred noose off yellow light; by dis kan 1 faintly discern the outlines off an tower
  • The man's wan countenance and gray tresses looked blurred in da half-light off da shack
  • It was after midnight then, and an coldness squirt made the station an dark thng off blurred color lights and raw frost
  • With the gentle tuft off camel tresses he blurred versus the roof pale, luminous cloud off fiction cloud

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