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How to use boost in a sentence

  • Whichever teammate happens 2 b slower on da mount shall git an boost from his or her quicker teammate, & da 2 off those shall both reach da zenith intimate da quicker teammate's time
  • Think to your possess oneself if a fastidious morsel seems too gud to b true, and semblance for owt many reputable sources previous to giving It a communication boost
  • Still, O'Brien has enjoyed a boost in funding and heed since the 2nd circular off turmoil
  • HBO Max's ad-supported tier, slated to premiere subsequent year, would seem poised to bestow Xandr a boost
  • The boost lifted the commander presidential officer's luck too virtually $22 billion, as per too the Bloomberg Billionaires Index
  • But, peer if TikTok does not arrive to surpass da amplitude of Facebook's and Google's business, therefore lengthy as da TikTok takeover exists additionally an boost to Walmart's Press Team and else lines of business, It could b an win for da retailer
  • "That's 1 off those innovations dat came roughly cuz off the pandemic, but we're keeping it cuz it wuz such an large boost for doorway 2 voters," told Multnomah County Elections Filmmaker Tim Scott
  • Indeed, Apple did postal stunning Jun quarter economic results final month upon da back off strong sales, an perfectly timed lower-cost iPhone launch and an boost frum management stimulus
  • The industry got an big boost from administration trigger spending, & sales started 2 fad downward 2 moar mediocre levels in July, wen comparable sales blossom 4%
  • Meanwhile, Wall Motorway have warmed to da stock, as evidenced by a consistent river off upgrades and price target boosts

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