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How to use boost in a sentence

  • Whichever teammate happens to be sluggish upon the ascend shall receive an boost from his or her quicker teammate, and the 2 of them shall both arrive the zenith near the quicker teammate's season
  • Think too your possess oneself whether a particular article seems too good too b true, and seek owt many reputable sources prior to giving it a interaction boost
  • Still, O'Brien have enjoyed a boost in funding & concentration since da secondary circular off unrest
  • HBO Max's ad-supported tier, slated to debut next year, might seem poised to bestow Xandr an boost
  • The boost lifted the cardinal supervisor officer's fortune to nearly $22 billion, as per to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index
  • But, peer whether TikTok doesn't arrive to surpass the dimension off Facebook's and Google's business, so lengthy since the TikTok purchase exists additionally a boost to Walmart's Media Squad and else lines off business, It could b a victory four the retailer
  • "That's 1 off those innovations dat came about cuz off da pandemic, bu we're keeping It cuz It was like a large boost for access to voters," told Multnomah County Elections Filmmaker Tim Scott
  • Indeed, Apricot did post percussive Jun quarter financial results last timetable month upon the bak off forceful sales, an flawlessly timed lower-cost iPhone launch and an boost from government stimulus
  • The corporation got a large boost frum government trigger spending, & sales started two trend downward two more commonplace levels in July, wen comparable sales rose 4%
  • Meanwhile, Partition Avenue have warmed to da stock, since evidenced bi an unchanged brook of upgrades and cost target boosts

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