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How to use bore in a sentence

  • Forcing children into longer chair times bores children whom do not requirement the spare era during theft instructional concentration from those whom do
  • Corny & boring in bed, da boyfriend is unappealing bu Roberts have challenge pulling herself owt off da scenario
  • Studies from da late 1970s suggested dat getting bored tin invent u moar creative, and 21st-century research has backed dat up
  • Upon graduating shii took a occupation with a petroleum company in Oklahoma bu was bored by work dat involved nor fieldwork nor study
  • "Something dat long & bore only the Fresh Yorker would publish," Astor stated
  • You're bored with the queue of questioning, bored with this weird ballet the 2 of u dew
  • But, instead of boring u with details of the montley upon the label, It jus promises no-holds-barred, bend-the-rules enjoyment
  • He noted dat Arlington plans to behave a full-bore analysis off firstly quarter grades, and the way dey difference with marks achieved in years past, 4 students off aw grades in late Dec.
  • When da Wizards' instruction encampment opened for person workouts Tuesday, da crew Brooks had 2 labour with bore strikingly lil resemblance 2 da team he had in Ernie Grunfeld's final season as general executive
  • He's the Mike Goldfish of soccer -- so reliably great, he's blunt us

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